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Healing Through The Chakras

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Take a nourishing and inspiring journey through the energy channels of the Chakras.

Every great journey begins with a vision of the destination and a desire to know it more intimately. This one is no different. Set sail by attuning your awareness of the subtle yet powerful essence of each chakra through Meditation. Next, clear your path by liberating energetic blockages in the correlating physical planes through specific self-massage techniques. Then Bring the Chakral spirit of movement alive through simple and sweet yoga poses. Your journey culminates by threading the mind-body-spirit continuum into a deeply relaxing and healing Yoga Nidra/Guided Meditation experience that you will take memories of, like cherished snapshots, into your days ahead. This workshop will consist of some discussion initially so feel free to bring your writing tools along as well!

Sunday Sept 17th, 11-130pm. $30 Early Bird (3 days in advance) $40 thereafter.