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Intro to Astrology

This class is taught by:

Michele Hagan

Michele Hagan is an astrologer, attorney and a Tahoe City resident. She has presented programs to the San Diego Cancer Research Institute, UNR’s Osher Institute and to other associations. She is a former college professor, emergency medical technician and served as the astrology columnist for Lake Tahoe's Moonshine Ink. She has appeared on KOLO News 8 & KRLT The Lake. She offers personal astrology consultations on your health, relationships, career, finances, the Year Ahead, etc. Please visit www.healthastrologer.com or call 530-414-5566 to schedule an astrology consultation, join her Reno Tahoe Astrology Meetup group and/or interested in astrology classe
Introduction to Astrology + Health

Join Health Astrologer and Yoga Room student, Michele Hagan, for an introductory workshop on Astrology & Your Health designed to be FUN, practical, educational and interactive. Learn how to use astrological principles and the moon’s phases to enhance your everyday health. No astrology knowledge or experience is necessary to attend. Come learn & have fun! It’s not just about your sun sign.

Note: must have 10 pre-registered for the workshop to take place.

DATE: Sunday, November 19, 2017
TIME: 11:30 am-1 pm

COST: $30/ $40 includes a copy of your Astrology chart.

To receive a copy of your astrology chart at the workshop, please send your birth data (date, time, and place of birth (city, state & country) to healthastrologer@gmail.com by November 15, 2017.

Seating is limited so register early! Bring a Friend!
Note: Please arrive by 11:15 am and bring socks as shoes are not allowed in the Yoga Room.