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Pranava: OM, Return to Source

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If you've ever been to a yoga class, you've heard the word OM. Perhaps you've chanted along. Perhaps, you haven't and you've simply wondered what it means and why it's in a yoga class. Is it just a pretty symbol and a sweet sound to make? Or does this seemingly simple word hold more meaning and power than you can imagine? This workshop is intended to give you a deeper understanding and experience of OM, the most common Mantra.

Guided by meditation & yoga teacher/therapist, Lauri Glenn, you will learn about the history and philosophy behind “OM” from the ancient text, Mandukya Upanishad. You will then take an experiential journey of OM through sound, breath, movement and meditation.

OM, also known as Pranava, is the primordial sound of creation. (Pranava translates as "infuser of life" or "life giver"). Called the Universal Sound Syllable, OM is not only our connection TO the Divine, it IS the Divine. Pranava has the power to connect us directly to Source, however you name Source for yourself.

Through discussion, movement, breath, sound, journaling and meditation, you will enjoy an unforgettable journey of OM that will forever change your relationship with this essential Mantra.