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Vinyasa Hour

This class is taught by:

Alicia Smith

Originally from New Hampshire, Alicia recently returned to Lake Tahoe after living in New York City for two years. While living in NYC, Alicia began to deepen her yoga practice to manage the stress that came with city life. Over time, Alicia's passion for and relationship with yoga grew immensely, leading her to take her practice to the next level, by becoming a 200-hr Yoga Alliance certified teacher through Loom Yoga Center in Brooklyn, NY. After completing her training, her perspective had shifted and change was calling, leading her back to Lake Tahoe, where she had lived prior, with new tools and life experience.

Alicia’s classes are intelligently and creatively sequenced, sprinkled with spirituality and philosophy, and set to a curated playlist to invoke depth and pure bliss. As a yoga teacher, Alicia strives to bring you to a loving state of awareness through asana, pranayama, and meditation in order to uncover your own unique nature and to feel at home in your body, at ease in your mind, and balanced in your everyday life.

Join Alicia:
Mondays 12-1pm Vinyasa Hour
Tuesdays 12-1pm Vinyasa Hour

Jenna Minnes

Jenna Minnes founded The Yoga Room in January of 2015! Jenna's heart and soul goes into the studio as the owner, teacher, manager and student. Her passion for the Tahoe City community and Yoga is what inspires her most. Jenna’s first yoga experience was at Kirpalu at age 16. The class stuck with her until her early 20s when she was reconnected with the practice. As a bodyworker of almost ten years, Jenna sought out yoga as a form of self care. By experiencing the physical benefits of her yoga practice she started to share the advantages with her clients. Observing her own shifts of the physical body, she found an even deeper progression within her mind and spirit. Jenna has embraced the teachings of Ashtanga, Anusara, Vinyasa, Iyengar and Restorative, as well as her extensive knowledge as a bodyworker, to form her classes into a balance of moving from the heart while honoring the physical container. Jenna completed her training with Nikki Estrada through YogaWorks and continues to expand her knowledge with frequent workshops, training and intensives.

Marybeth Donahoe

Marybeth is an open hearted & energetic individual who has been practicing yoga for 7 years and teaching for two. She is a student of life and treats everyday as an opportunity for learning and growth. She traveled to Nairobi, Kenya for her first 200 hour Teacher Training and continues to be uplifted and inspired by the happiness of the people there, which is founded on their simplicity of life. Yoga has empowered her to lead a life fulfilled by simplicities and the small joys found in each moment. It has steered her towards self-discovery, world travel and positivity. Marybeth believes in providing space and freedom for her students to let go of judgments and to explore themselves mentally, spiritually, and physically. As a trained Environmental Scientist she loves nature and is inspired by its beauties, often weaving the lessons of the natural world into her own practice and teaching. Her classes are open, individualistic and fun, striving for each of her students to leave with knowledge and a smile. In her spare time, you can find Marybeth rock climbing, hiking, practicing yoga, and getting messy with artwork.

Stephanie Hynds

I began practicing yoga around the age of 16 and was drawn to it through my training as a dancer. I began moving toward becoming a teacher in 2011. I've also been practicing and teaching Pilates for approximately 5 years, and I love to integrate these two forms of movement. I have a degree in counseling and worked in this field for many years before deciding to devote my life to my yoga journey. In 2011, I embarked on the Appalachian Trail and spent 6 months hiking. This experience changed my life and helped me choose yoga as a new life path. I was trained in Florida by close friend and studio owner, Jana Whiddon, in many styles of yoga, which include: hot yoga, pre-natal yoga, yoga for kids, Yin yoga, Ashtanga yoga and vinyasa. My favorite style is vinyasa, and I spent 7 months in Michigan working at a Baptiste-inspired hot vinyasa studio, helping to hone my teaching skills and inspire some of those weird and wild poses my students are always seeing in class ;) I am also deeply passionate about climbing and much of my experience as a climber has helped me bring new challenges to my style of teaching.

My practice has truly changed my life, helped me to take better care of myself, love and respect myself and deal with the daily grind. What began for me as a purely physical practice, became a humbling experience and eventually a life calling. I believe that yoga has the power to change people's lives not only physically, but emotionally as well, and I love the opportunity to guide people on their own personal journey. I truly believe that yoga is a deeply personal experience that NEVER has a destination, and doesn't care how "good" you might think you are or aren't. Yoga is for Everyone! I am honored to teach at The Yoga Room, and to share space with such amazing yogis and yoginis.

Break up your day to charge and refuel with a little flow. Level 1 and up Vinyasa with a revolving theme each class. Re-enter your day refreshed and inspired!

Upcoming classes:

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