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Vinyasa Flow

This class is taught by:

Shawnee Wood

Shawnee turned to yoga to heal the body and found that it in fact healed her mind as well. Eager for a deeper knowledge and understanding of Yoga she attained her 200-HR YTT in Costa Rica, through Reflections Yoga, specializing in vinyasa flow and thai-massage. After traveling and teaching through Central America, Tahoe was calling her back home. Continuing to teach in a different settings and to a wide variety of people, Shawnee finds the constant in change through the breath.
Drawing awareness to the breath is a large component of her classes; rooting you into the present moment and allowing you to find your edge. Understanding that each yogi and each day is different she finds modifications for all to discover their depth of that day. She aims to have you find a balance of exploring the stillness in the breath, while also observing the breath move as the body moves. With a mindful headspace her classes becomes a free space to play; to have fun pushing the limits while mending the body from this awesome Tahoe lifestyle. Shawnee is inspired to hold space for those around her to explore their breath with a map of movement and a streak of laughter. She invites the curiosity of your inner child to peak through the cracks and enjoy each moment that you decide to show up to!

Ann-Britt Hakansson

was born and raised in Truckee California and feels deeply connected to her mountain roots. She is incredibly grateful to have grown up in this outdoor community. Living here, she developed a love for skiing, biking, hiking, backpacking and the guidance and
solitude of nature. Ann-Britt was led to yoga during her years as a competitive ski racer, seeking an outlet to stretch and heal her overworked muscles. As she traveled the world ski racing, and later settled in Denver for 6 years, yoga was always a constant
and became so much more than simply a relaxing stretch session. In 2015, Ann-Britt felt the calling to deepen her yoga practice and traveled to Baja, California to study at the Yandara Yoga institute, earning her 200 hour teacher certification. For her, this
was a transformational experience that opened her up to the belief that love is surrounding us and also within us, and it is through yoga that we can rediscover that love. She has returned to Tahoe, and is devoted to the practice of coming back to herself,
remembering the divine wisdom that resides in each of us. It is through teaching yoga that she can share this knowing with others. Today, she studies under Meg McCraken and Shari Beard. She believes that a combination of yoga, time in nature, good food, live
music, dogs and a supportive community are the seeds necessary to growing your happiest life and highest self.

Jenna Minnes

Jenna Minnes founded The Yoga Room in January of 2015! Jenna's heart and soul goes into the studio as the owner, teacher, manager and student. Her passion for the Tahoe City community and Yoga is what inspires her most. Jenna’s first yoga experience was at Kirpalu at age 16. The class stuck with her until her early 20s when she was reconnected with the practice. As a bodyworker of almost ten years, Jenna sought out yoga as a form of self care. By experiencing the physical benefits of her yoga practice she started to share the advantages with her clients. Observing her own shifts of the physical body, she found an even deeper progression within her mind and spirit. Jenna has embraced the teachings of Ashtanga, Anusara, Vinyasa, Iyengar and Restorative, as well as her extensive knowledge as a bodyworker, to form her classes into a balance of moving from the heart while honoring the physical container. Jenna completed her training with Nikki Estrada through YogaWorks and continues to expand her knowledge with frequent workshops, training and intensives.

Stephanie Hynds

I began practicing yoga around the age of 16 and was drawn to it through my training as a dancer. I began moving toward becoming a teacher in 2011. I've also been practicing and teaching Pilates for approximately 5 years, and I love to integrate these two forms of movement. I have a degree in counseling and worked in this field for many years before deciding to devote my life to my yoga journey. In 2011, I embarked on the Appalachian Trail and spent 6 months hiking. This experience changed my life and helped me choose yoga as a new life path. I was trained in Florida by close friend and studio owner, Jana Whiddon, in many styles of yoga, which include: hot yoga, pre-natal yoga, yoga for kids, Yin yoga, Ashtanga yoga and vinyasa. My favorite style is vinyasa, and I spent 7 months in Michigan working at a Baptiste-inspired hot vinyasa studio, helping to hone my teaching skills and inspire some of those weird and wild poses my students are always seeing in class ;) I am also deeply passionate about climbing and much of my experience as a climber has helped me bring new challenges to my style of teaching.

My practice has truly changed my life, helped me to take better care of myself, love and respect myself and deal with the daily grind. What began for me as a purely physical practice, became a humbling experience and eventually a life calling. I believe that yoga has the power to change people's lives not only physically, but emotionally as well, and I love the opportunity to guide people on their own personal journey. I truly believe that yoga is a deeply personal experience that NEVER has a destination, and doesn't care how "good" you might think you are or aren't. Yoga is for Everyone! I am honored to teach at The Yoga Room, and to share space with such amazing yogis and yoginis.

Move with the breath and place in a special way. Our vinyasa classes are mindfully and creatively sequenced. You will build inner heat, cultivate breath awareness and move with meditation. Vinyasa teachers offer modifications in order to build strength and flexibility, both in the physical and subtle body. Level 1/2 and up.

Upcoming classes:

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  • Thu Dec 20 9:00 am - 10:30 am with Ann-Britt Hakansson
  • Sat Dec 22 9:00 am - 10:30 am with Jenna Minnes