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Yoga & Wine

This class is taught by:

Hanni Schwiesow

I began my yoga journey in 2006 when I moved to Lake Tahoe. My yoga experience includes Bhakti and Vinyasa Flow, Forrest, Anusara and Kripalu techniques. I enjoy incorporating aspects I have learned from each of my teachers to create a unique flow sequence. My classes combine the breath, movement and music while also creating awareness of body alignment. They will always be different and they will always be fun and challenging. Upon completion of my 300-hour yoga teacher training in Bali, Indonesia, in 2011, I began teaching Vibrant Vinyasa flow classes in my hometown of Homer, Alaska. After 2 years of teaching regular classes throughout Tahoe and Truckee I decided it was time to dive deeper into my practice and training. In 2014 I took the opportunity to travel back to Bali for Janet Stone’s Advanced Immersion. This experience has opened up my awareness to the importance of yoga in our everyday lives and the power it has to offer. Get ready to sweat, laugh, have fun and challenge yourself. Every day is an adventure with new opportunities; the yoga brings it all together.

Stephanie Hynds

I began practicing yoga around the age of 16 and was drawn to it through my training as a dancer. I began moving toward becoming a teacher in 2011. I've also been practicing and teaching Pilates for approximately 5 years, and I love to integrate these two forms of movement. I have a degree in counseling and worked in this field for many years before deciding to devote my life to my yoga journey. In 2011, I embarked on the Appalachian Trail and spent 6 months hiking. This experience changed my life and helped me choose yoga as a new life path. I was trained in Florida by close friend and studio owner, Jana Whiddon, in many styles of yoga, which include: hot yoga, pre-natal yoga, yoga for kids, Yin yoga, Ashtanga yoga and vinyasa. My favorite style is vinyasa, and I spent 7 months in Michigan working at a Baptiste-inspired hot vinyasa studio, helping to hone my teaching skills and inspire some of those weird and wild poses my students are always seeing in class ;) I am also deeply passionate about climbing and much of my experience as a climber has helped me bring new challenges to my style of teaching.

My practice has truly changed my life, helped me to take better care of myself, love and respect myself and deal with the daily grind. What began for me as a purely physical practice, became a humbling experience and eventually a life calling. I believe that yoga has the power to change people's lives not only physically, but emotionally as well, and I love the opportunity to guide people on their own personal journey. I truly believe that yoga is a deeply personal experience that NEVER has a destination, and doesn't care how "good" you might think you are or aren't. Yoga is for Everyone! I am honored to teach at The Yoga Room, and to share space with such amazing yogis and yoginis.

Brooke Butler

Brooke first studied Yoga in the ancient tradition and style of Kashmir Shaivism under Didier Razon in Florida and began her practice in the late 90’s. This tradition teaches that the universe is pure consciousness; a full expression of the divine. She is fortunate to have practiced many yoga styles with great master teachers while guiding adventure based tours of the West. For Brooke, yoga is a way to nurture deep body awareness, promote well being, and cultivate consciousness. She enjoys teaching restorative yoga, bringing her students the understanding of the potential that yoga has to offer and holding a space to experience the benefits.

Through continuous study and practice of yoga and meditation, Brooke experienced the awakening of shakti within, which led her to the study of unseen energy systems of body and mind. She has BS in Biology, with a scientific understanding of the physical body and as a Reiki Master/Teacher, she is deeply attuned to the unseen energies of the body. Brooke is an advanced practitioner of intuitive healing/energy medicine and offers sessions on the phone or in person.

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First Friday is BACK and this time with WINE!
Join our rotating group of Yoga Room teachers for a 75 minute all levels yoga class followed by a glass (or two!) of wine with our downstairs neighbor, Uncorked Tahoe City.

5:30-6:45pm Yoga
6:45-8pm Wine & Friends
$10 for yoga, $5 for wine for class participants
(gratuity not included)

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