Welcome to the Yoga Room!

Marybeth Donahoe

Marybeth is an open hearted & energetic individual who has been practicing yoga for 7 years and teaching for two. She is a student of life and treats everyday as an opportunity for learning and growth. She traveled to Nairobi, Kenya for her first 200 hour Teacher Training and continues to be uplifted and inspired by the happiness of the people there, which is founded on their simplicity of life. Yoga has empowered her to lead a life fulfilled by simplicities and the small joys found in each moment. It has steered her towards self-discovery, world travel and positivity. Marybeth believes in providing space and freedom for her students to let go of judgments and to explore themselves mentally, spiritually, and physically. As a trained Environmental Scientist she loves nature and is inspired by its beauties, often weaving the lessons of the natural world into her own practice and teaching. Her classes are open, individualistic and fun, striving for each of her students to leave with knowledge and a smile. In her spare time, you can find Marybeth rock climbing, hiking, practicing yoga, and getting messy with artwork.

Marybeth Donahoe is currently not instructing any classes.