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Ann Britt Hakansson

Ann-Britt was born and raised in Truckee California and feels deeply connected to her mountain roots.  She is incredibly grateful to have grown up in this outdoor community. Living here, she developed a love for skiing, biking, hiking, backpacking and the guidance and solitude of nature.


Ann-Britt was led to yoga during her years as a competitive ski racer, seeking an outlet to stretch and heal her overworked muscles. As she traveled the world ski racing, and later settled in Denver for 6 years, yoga was always a constant and became so much more than simply a relaxing stretch session. In 2015, Ann-Britt felt the calling to deepen her yoga practice and traveled to Baja, California to study at the Yandara Yoga institute, earning her 200 hour teacher certification. For her, this was a transformational experience that opened her up to the belief that love is surrounding us and also within us, and it is through yoga that we can rediscover that love. She has returned to Tahoe, and is devoted to the practice of coming back to herself, remembering the divine wisdom that resides in each of us. It is through teaching yoga that she can share this knowing with others.


Today, she studies under Meg McCraken and Shari Beard. She believes that a combination of yoga, time in nature, good food, live music, dogs and a supportive community are the seeds necessary to growing your happiest life and highest self.


Join Ann Britt:

  • Thursday 7:30-8:30am Vinyasa Flow
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