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Brooke Butler
Brooke first studied Yoga in the ancient tradition and style of Kashmir Shaivism under Didier Razon in Florida and began her practice in the late 90’s. This tradition teaches that the universe is pure consciousness; a full expression of the divine. She is fortunate to have practiced many yoga styles with great master teachers while guiding adventure based tours of the West. For Brooke, yoga is a way to nurture deep body awareness, promote well-being, and cultivate consciousness. She enjoys teaching restorative yoga, bringing her students the understanding of the potential that yoga has to offer and holding a space to experience the benefits.

Through continuous study and practice of yoga and meditation, Brooke experienced the awakening of shakti within, which led her to the study of unseen energy systems of body and mind. She has BS in Biology, with a scientific understanding of the physical body and as a Reiki Master/Teacher, she is deeply attuned to the unseen energies of the body. Brooke is an advanced practitioner of intuitive healing/energy medicine and offers sessions on the phone or in person.

For more information about individual healing sessions, please visit bodytalktahoe.com.

Join Brooke:

  • Sunday 4:30-6pm Restorative Yoga 
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