Welcome to the Yoga Room!
Deborah Lapkin
All paths lead to Yoga. My Yoga practice began in 1998 while recovering from a skiing injury. I started taking Yoga classes to help strengthen by knee and in the processs found that Yoga offered many other benefits.

I became very interested in learning more about Yoga and how it can positively affect the body and the mind. I wanted to learn more about Iyengar Yoga which lead to a completion of the coursework as a certified Iyengar teacher at the San Francisco Iyengar Institute. I've been teaching Iyengar since 2004 in the Tahoe area. Iyengar focuses on the precise alignment of the body with the use of verbal cues and props. Iyengar helps anyone at any level and most conditions to gain good health, mental peace, emotional equanimity and intellectual clarity. I have studied with the masters BKS Iyengar and Gita Iyengar, (who profoundly influenced Yoga in the Western world), along with Patricia Walden, Joan White, Manuso Manos and Janet MacLeod.

Join Deborah:

  • Monday 9-10:30am Iyengar Alignment
  • Monday 3:30-5pm Iyengar Alignment
  • Tuesday 9-10:30am Iyengar Alignment
  • Tuesday 4-5:30pm Restorative Iyengar & Pranayama (all levels)
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