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Kali Cathie
Kali Carmel Cathie is a Wanderlust certified yoga teacher with a firm background in Zen Meditation and the Tantric practices of the Hindu Goddesses. With nearly 20 years of yogic practice and more than a decade as a certified and licensed Clinical Hypnotherapist, her offerings empower seekers to Liberate the the Wisdom of the SacredSelf and to harness the power of their own fierce grace. Her yoga classes honor the phases of the moon and provide a nurturing container that aid and support in the quieting of the mind and an opening of your Sacred Heart. Here is where you develop the capacity for the deep listening required to hear your Soul Speak as the Divinity and flows in, through you and AS you in human form.

With her intuition and understanding of spiritual growth and personal development, Kali guides you. She frequently offers SacredSHE Moon Circles for Awakening Sacred Feminine Wisdom. For more information visit KaliCathie.com.

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