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A Moment at the Yoga Room

It's Tuesday at 6pm. As I enter the studio, the last of the Restorative Yoga students put away props, chat with Deborah and float out of the doors of the Yoga Room. Smiles are shared, hugs given and the conversations consist of epiphanies, questions and a sharing of experiences in the practice that preceded. Students gather outside the door to collect belongings, chat and make plans.
As the studio clears of bodies, what remains is the pure space of the Room. Warm light filters in as the intensity of our Sierra sun finds its calm. Outside the front windows, I see the water of our beautiful Lake Tahoe, which instantly grounds me on this warm day. A light, summer evening air brushes itself through the screens and against my skin.
Sounds of our community hum outside the windows as people gather for a movie at the Art Haus, meet at Uncorked Wine Bar and share the space of the Cobblestone Center. The voice sounds shift to a whisper of a soft breeze and singing of the frogs in the TC golf course pond.
I take a deep breath, take it in, and roll out my mat. I find the day's reading from Mark Nepo's Book of Awakening, and, as it was meant to be, the reading speaks to me with such healing. This is what brought me here. To learn. To teach. To share this healing. To collect in this human experience of life. I am no guru or saint and find solace in being a part of this family. Students begin to filter in, expressing hellos to me and fellow students. Chatting about everything from their day, and family to love and yoga pants. Two women braid each other's hair. I get goosebumps.
As we settle into our practice with closed eyes, a wave of contentedness tickles my skin. It's a moment, yes. But the more I practice, the more I teach, the more we share this community, joy, struggle, love, the more these moments merge and expand. This is why we are here, gathered in the Yoga Room. Simply to share, breathe and support one another on our path to contentment. Immense gratitude is here and it feels so real to me. Together, we share the sound of an OM.

Thanks for reading the Yoga Room blog, and sharing this online space with me. I am Jenna Minnes, founder of the Yoga Room, and with this blog I am to bring simple musings on my time at the studio along with health and wellness tips and recipes from local nutrition experts, yogis and guest bloggers. I hope you feel at home here.